Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Play WoW? Check This Out!

So yeah, I recently got sent a scroll of resurrection in Warcraft and decided to give things another go, but a tad more casual than I previously did. I know, I know, weak willed and whatnot but I missed it, even if many of the problems I disliked are still there - but if you don't play as seriously as I used to, the problems aren't as annoying as they once seemed - for my readers who may be interested, here is my WoW char in all his mage-like glory...

Anyway, enough about that! What I really wanted to write about is an awesome competition my guild Immortalis - The Sha'tar EU is running.

Be it mounts or companion pets,
you could be lucky!
For the guilds third birthday, our very generous guild leader has not only organised our usual crazy birthday event, but also implemented an awesome competition for those who wish to take part on the Sha'tar! 

All you have to do is have a level 85 character on our realm and simply leave your character's name in the comments on the front page post and you will be in for a chance to win one of the items from the blizzard pet store! Simple!

We are also welcoming everyone to join us for our birthday event on the 30th which managed to get us featured on wowinsider last year! so if you want some good, clean (albeit silly) fun head on over in your ogre suit and join the party, you are more than welcome and as they say... the more the merrier!

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