Thursday, 26 April 2012

Besthesda Announce New Survival Horror Title From Tango Gameworks

I find myself with 10 or so minutes to spare, so I thought I'd give you guys something interesting to read about!

It seems that Bethesda have announced a new Survival Horror game codenamed 'Zwei' from developers Tango Gameworks - The official announcement from Bethesda is here and the one from Tango here.

The above picture is the only artwork released so far, Survival horror fans what do you think?
It's likely fans of the Resident Evil & Silent Hill franchises will be looking forward to this and I will try to provide more info when there is more available.

I may even give this game a go although I haven't played a survival horror in years, I think the closest thing I've played to one recently is Bioshock - damn splicers making me jump. 

Aaanyways, as I said, I only had 10 minutes or so free, so that's that article done! Enjoy.

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