Tuesday, 3 April 2012

News for Skyrim incoming?

As you may remember, back in mid march I found a possible Skyrim DLC leak that was posted on another website. While no dates of release were included, the site outlined the details of the 'leak' and summarised them for the internet to see.

Just looking at one of my old screenshots gets me wanting to play Skyrim again,
speculation about DLC adds to that tenfold

Now half a month later, Pete Hines (Vice president of Bethesda Softworks) has announced that April will be a time for news and surprises for their titles Skyrim and Rage (I never did get the chance to play Rage, maybe I'll buy it sometime). This definitely leads me to believe that this will be a DLC announcement for Skyrim, especially seeing as how the creation kit has been out for a while now, I can't really think what else would constitute as cool Skyrim news.

It seems that April is going to be an interesting month for us PC Gamers - Skyrim news, possible Mass Effect DLC news, WoW MoP Beta news and I'm sure that lots of other interesting stories will come to surface over the month, lets just hope that these aren't belated April fools jokes, because let's face it, the internet was a big pile of useless on the first.

But as always, I will do my best to keep you all posted as soon as I come across any more info! Fus Ro Dah! 

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