Thursday, 22 March 2012

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta now Live

You heard it folks, the first phase of the Beta for the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft has been announced as live on WoW's US website. I'm not sure how these things usually work, but i'm guessing this is an indication EU servers will also be getting access to the beta very soon, if not immediately.

MoP has boasted a new continent, a multitude of new features and an overhaul of old talent systems.
According to the official website, this first live beta only focus' on the starting zones of the new race - Pandaren, and you will have the ability to play through the zone and level a Pandaren from 1-10. As with usual betas for WoW, content will be released in a staggered manner as and when Blizzard feel it's ready for public testing and feedback. 

Blizzard have taken a new approach this time on who is invited to the beta. Firstly, the purchase of an annual pass not only secured you a copy of Diablo III (release date May 15th) but also a beta invite, meaning a lot of people who would usually not bother opting in have actually been given the chance to test the up and coming content. For more information and FAQ on the beta opt in, check this link

Mists of Pandaria seems like it will be full of great features and content, but will it be enough to bring millions of ex-subscribers (myself included) back to the game, well, only time will tell.

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