Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Scroll of Resurrection Changes by Blizz

Well well, as a friend of mine pointed out to me yesterday, Blizzard have crazy buffed their scroll of resurrection feature for World of Warcraft.

This service is provided by Blizzard for people who convince their friends who quit to subscribe to World of Warcraft once more. Previously this feature just offered 7 days of free game time but now there are massive benefits to re-join World of Warcraft for ex-players - see below:

Now that's incentive to get your friend back and for your friend to come back. 
As a ex-hardcore player who officially quit in January after a month of dwindling play, this seems really tempting on the surface for me, but in the end I realise that while I'd get a free character boosted to level 80, and some free game-time, this doesn't really resolve any of the reasons why I quit WoW in the first place.

So why have Blizzard given this the crazy buffs it's received? simple. Cataclysm haemorrhaged subscribers, somewhere around the 2 million mark I believe, and I think rather than trying to promote the game to a new audience and attract newer players Blizzard want the people back who used to put a nice steady stream of income into their pockets.

Maybe one day I'll go back to playing but until some of the stuff I quit for gets sorted I'll probably stay away.

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