Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Obligatory Introduction and whatnot...

Well hello there people I have most likely asked or pressured to visit my blog!

I guess we'll get this whole introduction thing out of the way as fast as possible as, well, what I really want to write about is games and not myself.

So, I'm an avid PC gamer from Surrey, UK. Currently working in a sales position in a company which unfortunately has nothing to do with games. Ideally I'd want to work in the industry but with little to no official qualifications, edging myself in there would likely prove quite the challenge, and so WASD Shift was born out of an epiphany to talk about something I enjoy.

So what are my plans for the blog?
Well, I will most likely be giving my opinions on the games I play, thoughts on news in the community and perhaps occasionally webcomics, I haven't completely decided yet. I want to let myself fall into the blog and let it evolve as I go along. So please bear with me as I get the ball rolling!

So, yeah, thanks for coming along! Hope you enjoy your visit!

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